Digital Consultancy of today

As the first article of my blog presentation and so I will answer the typical second formal question after “what is your name?”

Normally a question that accompanies us all is “what do you do?” To which I reply that I am Technology Consultant , after this always stare at me face and decides to ask me the question again “fine but what do you do?” I will try to explain below me so worth filing and where to refer to anyone who I ask for my work; at0200 05e

Personally I like the term technological counselor or computer consultant I think it is clearer but the market does not seek guidance counselors or computer, so I have to define as a consultant.

Technological consultant is who evaluates the technological level of the company and transmits the technological improvements available in the market to optimize the objectives of the company.

And simplifying it a little I like most, is the computer that helps businesses who do not have a person in that position or enough work to create the post, so that the service is outsourced.
The technology consultant usually advises or advised but also it performs monitoring technological developments and even develops.

So that technology consultant or computer consultant are meaningful words in Castilian not want to imagine the face you put when someone responds “I am Social Media, or SEO, Community Manager, web developer … etc” could say ICT assistant seeing what fashion are the Anglicisms.

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